ted kennedy

05/18/12 09:14 am

Klein: Ted Kennedy Liked Chappaquiddick Jokes

This I found accidentally while searching for current interviews with Ed Klein, ...
02/29/12 05:07 am

Obama Sucks Up to Labor

The president offers up a rotting load of red meat to his favorite special inter...
01/30/12 04:26 am

Kennedy Call Life Changing For Baldwin

Asked for the single most significant moment of his life (after the obvious such...
01/12/12 10:01 am

Great Scott, Elizabeth Warren Is Crushing Brown!

11/29/11 09:09 am

Protecting Mitt, Coulter Dumps on Teddy

Ann Coulter does a Ted Kennedy rant on Morning Joe, while Mike Barnacle says &am...
10/13/11 12:27 pm

Elizabeth Warren Gets Under Scott Brown’s Exposed Skin

This is what Elizabeth Warren thinks of Scott Brown's centerfold.
10/05/11 04:00 am

Liz Warren Attacks Obama in Debate

The White House sends Elizabeth Warren to Massachusetts to retake "Ted ...
12/02/10 06:32 am

Scott Brown Evicted From People's Office

Scott Brown is being thrown out of Ted Kennedy's old office. The prize suit...
09/17/10 04:48 pm

The Truth

Why is Jimmy Carter telling the truth about Ted Kennedy, and how he stopped univ...
08/15/10 04:37 pm

The New Martha Coakley

If you're one of the many Massachusetts voters who's been wondering wh...
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