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10/21/11 10:54 am

Tea Baggers Are Hooked On Koch/Cain!

Photo credited to AddictingInfo.org It looks like the Koch Brothers have found...
10/20/11 07:11 pm

Herman Cain Reacts to "Racist" Piers Morgan

Liberals continue to spread the baseless lie that the Tea Party is racist - or, ...
10/17/11 10:33 am

Weekly, Wacky News Recap (October 10-17, 2011)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making thei...
10/14/11 04:44 am

Belafonte: Occupy is Rosa Parks All Over Again

Harry Belafonte equates the Occupy movement with Rosa Parks - he believes this i...
10/13/11 12:27 pm

Elizabeth Warren Gets Under Scott Brown’s Exposed Skin

This is what Elizabeth Warren thinks of Scott Brown's centerfold.
10/10/11 06:59 am

Pelosi Repeats 'Spit on Congress' Lie

Nancy Pelosi offers her support for the message of the Occupy Wall Street moveme...
10/10/11 06:32 am

Brit: Occupy Movement Can't Match Tea Party

Because it is a far left movement, Brit Hume explains that the Occupy Wall Stree...
10/09/11 04:51 pm

Kristol to GOP: Be Silent on Occupy Wall Street

"Who knew the left was suffering from such Tea Party envy?" as...
10/07/11 07:22 am

Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead!

10/05/11 08:37 am

Howard Dean: Tea Party Not Playing with Full Deck

Howard Dean says that Mitt Romney, should he get the GOP nomination, ma...
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