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03/24/11 03:25 pm

Bachmann - Presidential Vibe Encouraging

Michele Bachmann on chances she'll seek the presidency.
03/21/11 07:02 pm

Allen West Talking the Walk

Florida Freshman Allen West talks about the cult of personality in Washington, a...
03/15/11 08:02 pm

Bachmann Not Shaken By Media "Shot"

Michelle Bachmann isn't surprised on how she's been pummeled over her ...
03/10/11 02:14 pm

Death Threats in Madison

Intimidation in Madison is largely ignored by the media. Here's an email se...
02/25/11 02:12 am

Outrage: Some Crazies Want to Cut Spending

It's hard to believe, but there are actually some scary people out there wh...
02/23/11 06:57 pm

Hate Speech From Compassionate Capuano

Radical Congressman Mike Capuano didn't mind playing the Democrat's ho...
02/23/11 04:27 pm

Eliot Spitzer Running For Moron of the Year?

I'm really curious about Eliot Spitzer saying the Tea Party will destroy ou...
02/21/11 06:07 pm

Shocker: Truth Explored on MSNBC

MSNBC is an odd place to see the truth, but the hosts of Morning Joe wonder why ...
02/21/11 05:00 am

Soros: Tea Party Supporters Decent People Being Used

George Soros says Tea Party supporters are being used by those who seek less reg...
02/18/11 03:55 pm

Phony Left Has Forgotten Tucson Already

Some of the loving rhetoric from the AWOL teachers in Wisconsin.
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