tax the rich

07/18/12 04:44 am

Obama Tax Plan a Job Killer

The Obama tax the rich plan would cost the economy 710,000 jobs says Ernst &...
07/10/12 05:59 pm

Sununu: Obama Has Ruined the Economy

The Obama tax the rich proposal is more of the same strategy that's destroy...
07/10/12 05:08 am

Harold Ford: Obama Approach Doesn't Work

In response to more bad economic news, the president is back to distracting vote...
06/09/12 01:00 pm

Make More? You Pay More in Taxes

Why do liberals keep using phony numbers to argue that our tax system has the ri...
03/08/12 06:57 pm

Tax the Rich, Not the Jets

What does Warren Buffett really want? Lower taxes.
02/22/12 06:24 pm

Jack Welch - I Don't Feel Undertaxed

"I don't feel undertaxed," says former GE CEO Jack Welch ...
10/13/11 05:17 am

Demonstration Doggie Wants a Bone

An Occupy Wall Street protester demonstrates his total comprehension of the pres...
09/26/11 04:36 am

Bloomberg Troubled by Obama Class Warfare

New York City Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg is challenging the president&...
09/25/11 06:25 am

Zuckerman: Obama Being 'Purely Political'

Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire developer who owns US News & World Repor...
09/22/11 07:59 pm

Clinton Hangs Obama Out to Dry

Bill Clinton reiterates that raising taxes now is a bad idea... that Americans d...
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