tax returns

08/28/12 06:59 pm

Christie Shines with Lauer

It's not a difficult interview, but Chris Christie shows how to be engaging...
08/18/12 05:30 pm

Halperin: Voters Don't Care About Tax Returns

Mark Halperin made some nice confessions over the past several days about the ro...
08/06/12 05:14 am

George Will: McCarthyism From the Desert

George Will is succinct in his rebuttal to Harry Reid's display of cheap po...
08/03/12 05:25 am

Romney Responds to Dirty Dems

Mitt Romney responds to the latest Obama ploy - using Harry Reid as the evil mes...
08/02/12 07:29 pm

Harry Reid Channels Joe McCarthy

It used to be that liberals believed themselves to be the good government people...
08/01/12 05:30 am

Obama Attacks Romney on Tax Return

Come clean about what!!!   The power of a scary ad.
07/19/12 12:57 pm

Carl Bernstein: It's Wrong!!!

Carl Bernstein is overwhelmed that Mitt is planning on releasing just two years ...
07/17/12 04:35 pm

DNC: What Does John McCain Know?

GOP consultant Matthew Dowd says it's the arrogance of candidates that make...
07/15/12 07:07 pm

Rove & Trippi Debate Obama Trap

Karl Rove says the Obama campaign is making a mistake with it's ruthless at...
07/11/12 05:19 am

Biden Compares Mitt to Illegals

So, according to Joe Biden, a presidential candidate deciding not to release tax...
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