07/05/12 06:26 am

Mitt: Dance to the Music!

On Monday, the Romney campaign announced that it agreed with the losing opinion ...
07/02/12 08:03 pm

Romney: Mandate is Not a Tax

The GOP has been jumping all over the great gift of the Supreme Court's Oba...
07/01/12 09:46 pm

White House: No Tax in ObamaCare

Watch as the president's Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, tries to put the Tax Gen...
06/29/12 04:26 am

Chris Matthews Hate Rant Challenged

Chris Matthews, reacting to the Supreme Court ruling, rants that the right'...
04/19/12 07:09 pm

Obama Using Fake Numbers on Buffett

Why is the White House faking the numbers to justify it's push for higher t...
04/11/12 06:54 am

Krauthammer: Buffett Scam is Clever

Charles Krauthammer on the political brilliance of the Buffett Tax Scam. Obama h...
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