talking points

02/10/12 09:36 am

Chris Matthews Busts Heilemann on Obama Talking Points

It's odd to hear Chris Matthews going for the jugular rather than calling p...
02/01/12 09:03 am

Newt's Message Still Has Power

When Newt talks about shaking up the Washington establishment, he doesn't l...
06/21/11 04:39 am

Howard Dean Does Machine Gun Talking Points

Does Howard Dean feel uncomfortable with all the lies he has to tell?
03/13/11 04:13 pm

NPR Fighting to Protect Tax Dollars

Cokie Roberts, Michelle Norris, Nina Totenberg - all the taxpayer supported jour...
01/28/11 01:59 pm

Obama Move to Right Quicker Than Clinton's

Is the media pushing storylines exactly as handed to them by the White House? Yo...
07/25/10 04:09 pm

Howard Spews

Howard Dean was on Fox News Sunday to drop bombs on behalf of the Vast Left Wing...
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