stephen colbert

10/14/12 12:21 pm

Colbert: Loving Romney's Long Luscious Coattails

Stephen Colbert tells David Gregory that he's very pleased as a performer t...
05/03/11 08:43 am

Colbert: Suck My Giant American Balls

Stephen Colbert celebrates the killing of bin Laden.
03/30/11 02:46 am

Michael Moore Needs Weekends to Defend Unions

Michael Moore on Colbert continues the socialist talking point that there's...
10/01/10 08:25 pm

Takes One

Rick Sanchez. That was a job he might have wanted to keep. Rick Sanchez has been...
08/07/10 11:26 am

Gay Steven

Steven Colbert shows how young Americans view Judge Walkers' ruling on Prop...
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