09/12/12 01:58 am

Stephanopoulos: 'Abortion Should be Rare'

O'Reilly challenge George Stephanopoulos in an interview last night - isn&#...
09/08/12 12:41 pm

Barack Obama - America's Unforced Error

This video clarifies the joy of Hope & Change.
05/21/12 06:06 pm

Laura: Real Debacle is the Debt

Laura Ingraham wonders why the media always refers to last years confrontation o...
05/10/12 08:15 am

Is Stephanopoulos Lying or Soft?

Is George Stephanopoulos delusional or is he a liar? There's no waayyy this...
04/23/12 02:00 am

Olbermann: Gas Price Conspiracy

Are gas prices being manipulated to target President Obama? Keith Olbermann thin...
03/05/12 06:32 pm

George Will: Map Looks Good For Obama

George Will takes a look at the electoral map and sees good news for the preside...
01/24/12 04:58 pm

Mitt too Rich for George

How does ABC News feel about Mitt Romney's success in business? Just how ri...
10/04/11 05:54 am

Obama Tricks Stephanopoulos

Ronald Reagan rode to the presidency asking the question, "Are you bett...
05/13/11 01:06 pm

Is the Goal to Make Ron Paul Look Bad?

Is George Stephanopoulos trying to make Ron Paul look bad by the topics he choos...
04/20/11 01:21 pm

Bachmann Caught off Guard - By George

Michele Bachmann seemed unprepared today when George Stephanopoulos presented he...
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