state of the union

01/26/11 02:17 am

SOTU Address

In case you wanted to watch it.  
01/25/11 05:02 am

SOTU: Members Bring Sleeping Bags For Front Row Seats

A tip from Ed Markey that will add to the joy of watching the State of the Union...
01/24/11 04:39 am

George Will Shares Excitement Over State of Union

George Will gives his dissertation on the importance of the State of the Union. ...
01/23/11 12:28 pm

SOTU: The President's New Pose

Advice for President Obama on what new pose he should make with the State of the...
01/23/11 10:48 am

President's State of the Base Address

The president has issued an advance edition of the State of the Union Address......
01/23/11 10:20 am

David Gregory Questions Eric Cantor on Spending Cuts

Eric Cantor anticipates this week's State of the Union address. Cantor lays...
01/28/10 12:07 pm

You Lie

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito provided last night's "you lie"...
01/28/10 08:19 am

State of the Scott

It was a weakened and chastened president who came before the American people la...
01/27/10 11:28 pm

Don't Ask

Does Barack have the credibility to convince America of any of the stuff in his ...
02/25/09 06:06 am

State of the Meltdown

I've gotten too old, I suppose, to take this seriously.
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