state of the union

01/26/12 11:21 am

Obama Flies While Mitch Daniels Lies

01/25/12 07:35 pm

Obama: What a Memory!

Chad Ochocinco live tweets the president's State of the Union address.
01/25/12 05:57 pm

President Obama - Moving America Forward

Time for some new speech writers?
01/25/12 09:17 am

Obama: Better Late

The president introduced a new plan on how to help middle class homeowners on th...
01/25/12 02:18 am

Obama Tells Jobs to Return

As expected, the president at his most contrived and deceptive with his State of...
01/22/12 03:12 pm

Giffords to Resign from Congress

In a heavily produced video, Gabby Giffords has announced that she will resign f...
01/22/12 10:57 am

The Speaker and the President's Head

John Boehner says, in response to a question about how he stays awake, that his ...
01/13/12 04:39 am

Cornel: Obama Spineless on Poverty

Race huckster Cornel West says Barack Obama is a failure on dealing with issues ...
01/27/11 05:04 am

Dean Gets Thrills From Obama Attack on Rich

Howard Dean was thrilled with this part of the State of the Union. And if we tru...
01/26/11 02:29 am

Ryan's Response

Paul Ryan delivers the official Republican response.  
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