state department

10/16/12 12:57 pm

Buck Stops With Hillary

Hillary covers for Obama. Doesn't she make him look bad and herself look li...
10/10/12 01:40 am

Lies: Never a Benghazi Protest

The level of lying the president has engaged in personally to coverup what happe...
07/03/11 08:49 am

Weiner Free Zone

Huma appears to be a pretty smart woman, with the exception of one Weiner of a d...
03/14/11 01:51 am

MIT Spy Talk Gets PJ Crowley Canned

State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley has been forced out by the White House fo...
07/11/09 10:54 am

Killer Search

Who is busy changing the way Washington does business? The Obama administration ...
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