10/04/12 04:26 am

Romney: You Pick the Losers

The president offers his usual hate Exxon/Mobil energy plan, but Mitt rebuts tax...
09/15/12 01:00 am

Ad: Obama Loves Office, Not Job

Crossroads hits Obama for being poser in chief.
07/19/12 02:01 am

Krauthammer: Solyndra vs Staples

Krauthammer tries to offer up a pithy ad line for Mitt, but Charles' brain ...
06/04/12 04:48 am

Krugman: Solyndra Only Blew a Billion

Paul Krugman doesn't like all the fuss over Solyndra. We're talking as...
05/30/12 03:07 pm

Romney Ad: Obama Wasting Our Money

The story of government wasting our money is a powerful one, but this ad, even t...
01/19/12 04:27 am

Super PACs Debate Crony Capitalism

Here's a nice Super PAC ad highlighting the president's funneling of t...
01/14/12 07:48 am

CBS: Many More Solyndras

It doesn't matter how bad the outlook is, if it's a green job, it'...
09/18/11 11:35 am

McConnell: Solyndra Got More Money Than Kentucky

Instead of answering David Gregory's stupid questions about the presidentia...
09/16/11 04:32 pm

Solyndra Scandal Grows

Solyndra is quickly becoming the Enron of Green Jobs. Here's the latest.
09/15/11 09:37 am

Solyndra - Tip of Iceberg in Green Jobs Scam

Why would we believe what the Dems are telling us about the wonder of Green Jobs...
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