socialized medicine

09/28/09 06:37 am

Honest Dems

Some people claim that Democrats are all dishonest - that they'll never put...
09/27/09 06:51 pm

Sad Story

09/25/09 03:36 am

Keeping Him Honest

Senator Orrin Hatch is a compassionate man, which is why he's trying to do ...
09/22/09 05:50 pm

Little Creatures

The pathetic little creatures who control the state of Massachusetts have follow...
09/19/09 09:22 am

Socialize the Socialism

Beware of social programs looking to stave off bankruptcy by creating new social...
09/15/09 06:55 am

Award Winner?

What is the most ridiculous argument the President has offered in support of his...
09/14/09 06:48 pm

No Move

President Obama seemed to have made a forceful presentation to Congress, and to ...
09/11/09 07:27 pm

Immigration Winds

There are differing viewpoints on who the winner is in the Joe Wilson shout out ...
09/10/09 10:57 am

You Go Joe!

Just before Congressman Joe Wilson reached his breaking point and called out to ...
08/31/09 05:48 pm

Teddy's Ghost

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