socialized medicine

11/12/09 06:36 pm

Bad Option

Liberals pushing ObamaCare love touting how popular the Public Option is.
11/11/09 09:39 pm

Expensive Option

Democrats don't have a clear path to passing their health care scam - the i...
10/30/09 11:23 am

American Curses

The real purpose of health care reform? A union of millions of newly organized w...
10/29/09 10:11 pm


Impressive bipartisanship, as Pelosi doesn't allow any GOP members to atten...
10/26/09 05:33 pm

Accounting Tricks

An interesting column from Washington Post economics writer Robert Samuelson on ...
10/26/09 11:28 am

Who Tries Harder?

We're still number one. Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and l...
10/20/09 03:06 am

Against Change

How confident are the American people that ObamaCare would create positive chang...
10/18/09 03:20 pm

Like Ryan

Why can't more Republicans, especially leadership, present in a manner as s...
10/13/09 06:21 pm

Snowe Job

Olympia Snowe has done what Olympia does - she has joined with Democrats on the ...
09/29/09 04:56 pm

Ask Bing

I have a question about the Public Option, which still could become part of the ...
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