04/26/10 08:18 pm

Tangled Up in Blue

Barack Obama doesn't want to be a great president.
04/22/10 10:30 am

Rhinestone Cowgirl

ACORN speaks. Socialists (Democrats) listen. Any of these groups that says, &quo...
12/21/09 03:50 pm

Young President

Listen to Sheldon Whitehouse, leftist of Rhode Island, as he demonstrates the he...
12/17/09 11:39 pm

Bewitched & Bewildered

David Axelrod was humiliated by his liberal friends on MSNBC this morning - so h...
12/16/09 11:39 pm

Kiss Goodbye

Charlie Gibson proves why his retirement is coming much too late in this patheti...
04/09/09 09:37 pm

Conservative Estimate

Really? Only 17? Rep. Spencer Bachus, the top Republican on the Financial Serv...
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