10/15/10 04:40 pm

Redneck Nation

To diversity celebrating members of the left, if you don't want to give fre...
10/04/10 09:11 am

Paid to Care

Here's more from the socialist "One Nation" rally at the Lincoln ...
09/13/10 05:29 pm

Nice Liberals

Will heads be rolling at MSNBC? The network of the extreme left has responded to...
08/13/10 09:07 am

What it is

Packaging the Constitution for the uneducated generation.
08/12/10 05:40 pm

Loony Left

Stephanopoulos follows the phony "Professional Left" storyline launche...
08/02/10 04:41 pm

Melting the Border

While Americans want a sharper defense of the border, Democrats are working to m...
08/02/10 10:17 am

Advance Notice

It's fun to get previews of the type of attacks we will see against Obama a...
06/27/10 09:17 pm

Kompassion Klan

It's been nearly 60 years that Robert Byrd has represented West Virginia in...
05/11/10 10:13 pm

Stating Church

The socialists will use any tactic available to undo America - even enlisting th...
04/29/10 03:01 pm


Alabama Gubernatorial candidate Tim James makes a good point about the silliness...
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