08/02/10 04:35 am

Screw the Founders

Congressman Pete Stark demonstrates the philosophical foundation that seems to u...
07/30/10 09:17 pm

Deep Water Cash

The socialists thinks the money just keeps flowing as an act of nature. Give out...
07/29/10 04:32 am

Good Sessions

Jeff Sessions is right about Elena Kagan. So why didn't the GOP make the no...
06/14/10 09:42 pm

Who's Extreme

Even though the media likes to portray Republicans as the party of extremes, the...
06/09/10 09:54 pm

Straight at Left

Republicans need to be unabashed in telling the truth about the leftists - they ...
05/28/10 10:06 am

Dopey Smiley

How much of a dope is Tavis Smiley? The Christianity of the attackers Tavis is ...
04/27/10 05:50 pm

Chomskian Lessons

Liberals may be malicious, but you can't claim they're not shrewd.
04/07/10 03:35 am

Scary Guy

Obama radicals would love to see Goodwin Liu on the Supreme Court someday. Right...
04/02/10 06:40 am

Troublesome Talk

Harry Smith from the CBS Morning Show did a one on one with the president this w...
03/29/10 02:41 pm

Penn Gal

A Venezuelan actress has penned a slap down to Sean Penn in response to his whim...
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