09/20/12 06:58 pm

Chuck Todd: Context Ruins Obama Socialist Confession

Chuck Todd thinks that when you play the rest of what Senator Obama said 14 year...
09/19/12 05:07 pm

Romney hits Prez on Redistribution

Mitt continues on the dependency theme, going after the president for his redist...
08/07/12 12:57 pm

Attack on Capitalism Continues

Mitt Romney, and capitalism, kill people. And they don't even care.
07/19/12 09:10 am

You Didn't Get There on Your Own

Mitt hits Barack on his anti-capitalism rap.  There are a lot of smart ...
07/17/12 07:21 pm

Sununu: Obama Should Learn to be an American

John Sununu got edgy with the president doing a conference call on behalf of the...
07/15/12 02:39 pm

The Obama Manifesto

Sounding a lot like Liz Warren a few months back, President Obama is attacking t...
03/19/12 08:11 am

I Like Obama Cause I'm a Socialist

It's hard to imagine anyone supporting the president's reelection bid ...
01/28/12 04:35 am

Liz Warren Needs a Mirror

Liz Warren thinks she's not rich - despite her $350,000 Harvard salary, mul...
09/30/11 07:40 am

Obama's Socialist Warrior Announces Battle Date

Van Jones says the socialists are coming. ‘Hold On to Your Seats&...
02/03/11 04:42 pm

Bernie Sanders Says ObamaCare Short on Socialism

Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders remains committed to pretending that ObamaCare ...
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