11/11/10 08:20 pm

Dean, Steyn and Thompson Talk Politics

Howard Dean agrees with Mark Steyn that the elections were a repudiation of Pres...
11/10/10 01:00 pm

Passions Among the Protesters (Certainly) Running High

Once you get used to the benefits that socialism pays, you don't want to gi...
10/09/10 02:35 pm

Playing Hell

Joe Biden warns that after they lose in November, the socialists are going to fi...
04/07/10 02:34 pm

Kitchen Cabinet

This guy might offer the most powerful argument yet for Castro Care.
03/29/10 06:41 am

Monday Smile

Something to hum as you get your week started!
03/22/10 01:42 pm

The Memo

Al Sharpton, apparently, didn't get the memo... Never mention the S word! S...
03/08/10 08:42 pm

Soviet Joy

Last Thursday was the national day of protest over the rising cost of state coll...
02/27/10 10:27 am

It's Done

That's my prediction. The Democrats will give up on health reform. Democrat...
02/25/10 10:37 pm

No Gonna Happen

Was the health care summit really about trying to pave the road for jamming the ...
01/12/10 08:15 am

Believing Scott

Pollster Scott Rasmussen is regularly attacked by Democrats as a biased, or tech...
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