08/19/11 01:41 am

More Great Sharpton

He's a joy - perhaps the best host on liberal TV.
08/17/11 05:17 am

Phony Race Hustle Continues on MSNBC

The race whores on MSNBC handed off the baton on their phony "Black Clo...
08/10/11 07:34 pm

Sharpton Trainwreck Video

It's hard to get enough of Al's Comedy Central act on MSNBC.
08/02/11 09:08 am

Al Sharpton Attacks the Tea Party

Do Democratic voters ever wonder why their leftist leaders are so freaked by a m...
04/26/11 01:53 am

Schizo Left Argues for Jesus Driven Government

Dr. Richard Land does his best to hold off the swarming socialists in this panel...
02/26/11 01:35 pm

Lying Lefties Stomping on Free Speech

The left's hostility to the free exchange of ideas never fails to stun.
12/17/10 01:51 pm

Sharpton Wants FCC Crackdown on People Like Him

Al Sharpton's always been a good self-promoter... whether now, in his campa...
11/23/10 02:28 pm

Sharpton Thinks Too Many Offended by Talk Radio

Sharpton argues, again, that tougher FCC standards are needed to make sure no on...
11/01/10 05:12 am

Al Sharpton's Race Scam

Al Sharpton makes the point that Blacks have it worse in the bad economy as a re...
08/29/10 06:05 am

The Uniter

The Democrats continue to build their brand by dividing America along lines of r...
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