september 11

12/21/11 04:42 pm

Ron Paul: An Inside Job?

Does Ron Paul believe September 11th to be an "Inside Job?" In...
09/16/11 04:39 am

Read Her Lips: No New Patriotism

Michelle expresses disgust over respect shown to flag in September 11 ceremonies...
08/23/11 04:46 pm

Cavuto: Tremors of September 11 Felt in Northeast

Cavuto reports on the Virginia quake and the tremors of September 11.
09/24/10 03:41 am

Southern Threat

Listen to Janet Napolitano admit to the security vulnerability created by our po...
09/12/10 03:29 am

Colmes' Coma

Alan Colmes can't figure out why September 11th is "celebrated." ...
08/16/10 07:05 am

Cokie Not Buying

Cokie Roberts, usually a reliable leftist sycophant, says the president is not t...
08/09/10 09:21 am

Legitimate Questions

One of the big questions about the Trade Center Mosque is who, exactly, is promo...
08/04/10 09:23 am

Freedom of Pandering

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting much praise for his manipulative remarks in f...
07/05/10 10:56 pm

Fein Job

Ken Feinberg has been given the job of dolling out payments to those impacted by...
03/31/10 04:39 am

Weight of Words

Was it America's chickens coming home to roost, as Obama preacher Jeremiah ...
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