04/06/11 09:45 am

Who's Essential?

02/10/11 02:21 am

Senator Webb: One is Enough

Former Senator George Allen just got some good news in his run to reclaim his se...
12/22/10 04:20 pm

No Stopping Start

START has passed the senate. Top Republicans continued to oppose the treaty, but...
11/01/10 07:02 am

Can Sestak Beat Toomey? Tide Should Save Pennsylvania

What's up in PA? Republican Pat Toomey still holds the lead, but barely. Re...
10/26/10 09:24 am

Rand Paul Pulls a Ronald Reagan

Rand Paul has become very savvy since his hapless performance on the Rachel Madd...
10/23/10 05:14 pm

Sestak and Toomey Debate Extremism in PA

If being an extemist is such a bad thing, how come all the candidates are extrem...
09/24/10 08:42 am

A Watching One

Start following the West Virginia senate race. Right now, popular Governor Joe M...
09/13/10 08:56 am


Long time conservative activist and candidate Ovide Lamontagne appears to have p...
09/07/10 12:26 pm

Democrat Spin

What does professional political handicapper Stu Rothenberg predict for November...
09/02/10 09:00 am

Left Hook

Republican Carly Fiorina hits Barbara Boxer from the left on illegal immigration...
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