10/08/12 02:57 am

Nebraska Senate Race - Painful

It's sad to see how bad some candidates are in debates around the country. ...
08/25/12 06:01 am

Todd Akin - Not Gonna Do It

The media was abuzz with excitement that Todd Akin might be ready to announce hi...
08/20/12 03:36 pm

Akin: A Legitimate Bonehead

Bad news. Todd Akin is not a quitter. At least, that's what he says. But th...
06/10/12 04:07 am

Ohio: Can Former Marine Topple Sherrod Brown?

Lefty Senator Sherrod Brown still holds a slim lead in most polls on his Ohio re...
05/15/12 01:13 pm

Palin Gal Surging in Nebraska Senate Race

Republicans vote today for the chance to face Democrat Bob Kerrey in his bid to ...
04/06/12 09:23 pm

Love, Compassion Missing in Senate Debate

A Democratic senate candidate, seeking to succeed Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, ...
12/22/11 07:41 pm

Boehner Caves in Payroll Tax PR Disaster

Republicans in the house caved on Thursday and agreed to the senate bill that wi...
08/23/11 04:46 pm

Cavuto: Tremors of September 11 Felt in Northeast

Cavuto reports on the Virginia quake and the tremors of September 11.
08/18/11 04:27 am

Christine O'Donnell Shows She Understands Branding

Christine O'Donnell, former Delaware senate candidate, walked off her inter...
05/16/11 02:08 am

Fineman: Dems Lose Big in Senate Next Year

Howard Fineman says Democrats fear they're going to get crushed in the sena...
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