10/15/11 03:33 am

Beck: Occupy is SEIU Marxist

Glenn Beck was on O'Reilly Friday eve, outlining the connection between Occ...
07/24/11 11:00 am

Juan Williams: Liberal Extremists Holding President Hostage

You know how the media buys the storyline about how "GOP Extremists" c...
03/22/11 04:46 pm

Shouldn't They Be Arrested for Treason?

A stunning new tape reveals how the Communists (ie SEIU) plan to take control of...
03/02/11 04:28 am

Bobby Wasn't on the Side of Today's Unions

Watch Bobby Kennedy campaiging for what would become the agenda of the left toda...
02/22/11 06:41 pm

Trumka Says He Talks to Obama Weekly

Many Americans are just coming to realize the power partnership between the Demo...
02/22/11 07:05 am

Union Guy Confesses to Campaign Thuggery

A union guy brags last year about sabotaging Scott Walker's campaign for go...
11/15/10 02:29 am

Unions Getting Pass on Health Care Compliance

In a mad dash to cover up the ill effects of the new health care law, the Obamas...
10/11/10 09:36 am

Mad As Hell

Stop the Boycott!
09/06/10 02:43 pm

Getting Stern

If you haven't seen this before, you're going to love it. Watch as And...
09/06/10 03:35 am

Bitter Americans

Perhaps you haven't heard, but you can't be opposed to the Democratic ...
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