secretary of state

05/19/12 02:37 pm

Hillary: What About Loyalty

 "The Amateur" author Ed Klein describes the meeting ...
07/28/10 07:32 am

Bill Eggelhoffer

Imagine Bill Clinton in the role of Steve Martin. Professional guessers figu...
01/14/09 07:37 pm

Very Kerry, Very Peacock

The Today Show bravely went to liberal Senate Democrat and former liberal Democr...
12/03/08 12:47 am

I Had a Dream

We in Massachusetts had assumed that there would be a silver lining to the Novem...
11/29/08 06:03 am

Success Or

Senator Robert Byrd is getting along in years. He's also in line to become ...
11/21/08 08:25 pm

To State

The Times is reporting that Hillary's rumored move from the U.S.
11/17/08 11:53 pm

Wrong Again

With most of my political predictions proving false, it's no surprise that ...
11/16/08 05:06 pm

Madame Hillary

Have I been remiss in not taking the notion of Hillary seriously? I mean for Sec...
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