scott walker

05/26/11 02:24 pm

Judge Kills Union Curbs in Wisconsin - For Now

In a ruling over the procedure surrounding its passage, a judge has voided the b...
05/01/11 07:05 pm

Kasich Defends Against Obama Attack

John Kasich, now Governor of Ohio, doesn't take kindly to the president att...
04/27/11 07:36 am

The Dream is Over: Mass Dems Vote Against Collective Bargaining

Guess who hates the middle class now. House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last ...
04/22/11 08:39 am

A Really Bad Segment - Worse Than Usual - From Ed Schultz

Amazing - Ed Schultz finds a couple of union guys who aren't happy that the...
04/21/11 03:41 pm

Death Threats Collected Against Wisconsin GOP

Life is tough for the GOP in the land of love & compassion.
04/21/11 05:03 am

Irrational: Krauthammer Explains Liberal Rage

What has the love & compassion people feeling so hateful? This is sheer ...
03/18/11 09:19 pm

Biden Blows Smoke Up Union Butts, in Voters Eyes

Listen to Joe Biden describe the importance of collective bargaining for public ...
03/18/11 02:15 pm

Judge Blocks WI Collective Bargaining Changes

Did Republicans in Wisconsin violate open meeting laws when they rushed through ...
03/17/11 11:47 am

This is What the Labor Movement Looks Like

Anyone still wondering if the Democrat's schools are propaganda machines? ...
03/16/11 01:29 pm

Love - Union Style

Here's how democracy looks when practiced by the labor movement.
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