scott brown

08/08/12 08:59 am

Where Did Warren/Obama Get the Socialist Rant?

Reposting by popular demand. The folks at Legal Insurrection have found the sour...
07/30/12 04:02 am

Ray Flynn's Scott Brown Endorsement

Out to brunch on Sunday, a friend mentioned how powerful he thinks this Scott Br...
07/24/12 05:07 am

Brown Ad: Other Dems Not Marxists

A great ad from Scott Brown highlights the difference between President Obama�...
06/15/12 05:08 am

Scott: Elizabeth Warren Has Credibility Problems

Scott Brown hits Elizabeth Warren on her credibility problems. She can rewrite h...
06/14/12 04:48 am

Chris Matthews to Warren: Defend Your Elitism

A couple of posts down you'll see Chris Matthews oddly mocking "Iv...
06/11/12 09:52 am

Scott Combats War on Women

Scott Brown attacks the War on Women with this ad featuring his wife, Gail Huff....
06/02/12 09:37 pm

Ruling Elites Select Liz Warren

After his own reelection bid, there is nothing more important to the president t...
05/29/12 06:37 pm

Scott Brown's Diner Ad

Scott Brown's new ad seeks to recapture the natural, local guy vibe that ma...
05/29/12 10:07 am

Scott “Nudist” Brown’s Tomahawk Chop Backfires

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