scott brown

03/01/10 03:41 am

A Funny Thing Happened

Scott Brown's road to the U.S. Senate included a college appearance on stag...
02/23/10 08:07 am

Scott's Jobs Vote

Scott Brown was one of five Republicans who voted for the "jobs" bill ...
02/22/10 05:23 pm

Squeezing Scott

The senate is working on a new stimulus today, but this time they're callin...
02/19/10 07:47 am


Scott Brown made a surprise appearance at the CPAC Convention in Washington yest...
02/17/10 10:38 pm

We Get It

Joe Biden jumped on the Evan Bayh bandwagon today - no, he didn't resign, b...
02/15/10 10:37 pm

Bayh Like Birch

Nice news for the GOP with Senator Evan Bayh deciding he's sick of Washingt...
02/15/10 09:50 pm

Wild Swing

On TV Sunday to chase Dick Cheney, Vice President Biden also took a swing at Sco...
02/15/10 02:19 pm

Bayh Out!

WOW. Indiana Sen.
02/13/10 02:58 pm

Breathing Brown

What else is Scott Brown up to besides being a United States Senator?
02/13/10 12:29 am

Radical Self

The Scott Brown election was Barack Obama's chance to see the error of his ...
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