scott brown

03/19/10 10:54 am

Brown Knows

Scott was on the Situation Room yesterday.
03/19/10 07:06 am

Climate Change

The climate in Washington is being ruined by the ruthless Democrats in power. Vi...
03/18/10 06:31 pm

Falling Chips

The President has canceled his trip to Indonesia in order to push for passage of...
03/16/10 09:59 pm

Chameleon Jacket

The impact of Scott Brown reaches to every crevice of the American political psy...
03/14/10 08:20 pm

Like it Is

Leave it to the nation's newest senator to Tell It Like it Is to the Prez. ...
03/08/10 11:48 am

Chasing Cheney

Liz Cheney is being too tough on Justice Department lawyers...
03/07/10 02:31 pm

McCain Trail

Scott Brown was in Arizona for the second day yesterday offering star struck Ari...
03/04/10 05:02 pm

Scott's Challenge

Scott Brown made his first floor speech today - it was in support of his tax cut...
03/02/10 06:51 pm

Scott Scores

Senator Brown has received his committee assignments. US Senator Scott Brown tod...
03/01/10 05:50 pm

Reconciling Reconciliation

Nancy Pelosi says a new Obama health care plan will be ready soon.
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