scott brown

09/18/12 01:08 pm

Elizabeth Warren: No One's Ever Used This Kitchen

Liz Warren goes back to the kitchen to attack Scott Brown - but has she ever coo...
09/15/12 05:22 pm

Brown Ad Targets Women

Scott tries to pick up women.
09/14/12 01:04 pm

Scott Brown Kills Liz in New Ad

Scott Brown responds to new Liz Warren ad - the one in which the campaign decide...
09/12/12 06:50 pm

New Warren Strategy? Silence Liz

Liz Warren's new ad campaign launched Wednesday with an eye toward making h...
09/06/12 06:48 pm

Toure: We Need Scott Brown

Left wing MSNBC wacko Toure was saddened by Liz Warren's convention perform...
09/06/12 02:20 am

Scott Brown Controls Liz Warren

Watch John Kerry fade as Liz Warren gives a convention speech that's so tam...
09/04/12 09:29 am

Dems Are What They Hate

Dems are guilty of everything they accuse the GOP of. Here's the head of th...
08/28/12 03:24 pm

Warren Pushes Free Contraception for Rich

Liz Warren fights for bigger government with free contraception for all - even t...
08/22/12 04:39 am

Liz Warren: Akin is GOP

Democrats are thrilled with Todd Akin, hoping to use his bizarre statements on r...
08/20/12 04:46 pm

Scott v Liz: Fighting for the Center

Scott and Betsy's campaign hooks must catching voters, as each is borrowing...
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