01/14/10 10:07 am

Chuck Bagger

How gross are Democrats? Below is Chuck Schumer's email that he used to jum...
10/26/09 05:59 pm

PO ' d

Harry Reid announced this afternoon that the senate bill will include a Public O...
10/26/09 11:28 am

Who Tries Harder?

We're still number one. Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and l...
06/18/09 01:47 pm

Acorn Nuts

ACORN, the voter fraud division of the Democratic Party, celebrated its 39th ann...
02/13/09 03:43 am

No Pork

In his press conference the other night, the President said there is no pork in ...
12/06/08 09:18 am

Down the Road

Yesterday's jobs report put the fear of the Dreaded Private Sector into Was...
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