11/28/11 07:23 am

Kristol: Republicans Will Give in On Obama Tax Cuts

The president wants to make Republicans into bad guys by forcing them to oppose ...
09/14/11 04:29 am

Yes We Can Stunner: GOP Takes Weiner Seat

In a stunning upset reminiscent of Scott Brown's 2009 senate win and in a h...
04/08/11 07:44 pm

Schumer, Dems in Never Never Never Land

You want proof that the GOP is conceding on funding for Planned Parenthood?
04/05/11 04:19 am

Sen Sessions: Tea Party 'Good People'

I wish more Republicans would highlight the grotesque behavior of Dems who demon...
04/01/11 05:26 am

Who's Dumber: Bachmann or Schumer?

The media pretends Michele Bachmann is an idiot because she mistakenly said that...
03/30/11 06:02 am

Schumer: Democrats "Extreme" Liars

Chuck Schumer thought he was on the phone with just a few fellow senators. No on...
03/29/11 06:16 pm

Schumer Reveals Dems Extreme Tactics

Chuck Schumer thought he was talking with other senators in advance of a confere...
01/31/11 06:57 pm

Dumb Dems: Schumer Doesn't Know Branches of Govt

No one is talking about a government shutdown this spring - except, of course, t...
12/21/10 04:46 am

Moving in the Right Direction

Chuck Schumer says the right wants to move us back to the 19th century. In terms...
11/14/10 07:48 pm

Schumer Shows More Chutzpah Than Usual

Some Democrats are bold enough to argue that their stimulus plan saved or create...
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