08/17/11 05:17 am

Phony Race Hustle Continues on MSNBC

The race whores on MSNBC handed off the baton on their phony "Black Clo...
08/16/11 05:17 pm

MSNBC: A Big Black Cloud

I don't know what Ed Schultz is talking about - even with the cute edit, it...
02/05/11 12:18 pm

Ed Schultz Hits Romney for Knowing Constitution

Ed Schultz can't understand - or conveniently forgets - that states operate...
12/30/10 05:31 am

Leftists Argue Big Storm Justifies Big Government

The dopes on the liberal MSNBC revel over the big storm this week as proof that ...
08/30/10 09:05 pm

Ed Shows Hate

Ed Schultz does his expected rant on Beck.
07/24/10 08:35 am

More Beautiful

Poor Ed Schultz is on MSNBC, which few people see. Were his rants not fun for th...
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