sarah palin

07/17/12 04:35 pm

DNC: What Does John McCain Know?

GOP consultant Matthew Dowd says it's the arrogance of candidates that make...
05/25/12 10:13 am

Sarah Palin: The Gaffe Gift That Keeps On Giving

05/21/12 04:30 pm

Southern Rednecks Are Turning Blue

It now seems certain that the Republican Party will be progressively losing it...
05/15/12 08:18 am

Last Call fro Ron Paul

04/27/12 08:33 am

Late Week News Bomb

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
04/23/12 12:38 pm

Crazy Palin-Endorsed Teapublican Compares “No Smoking” Signs To Hitler

04/12/12 11:48 am

GOP Rep. Allen “Wild Wild” West Is A Joke

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