10/10/12 01:58 am

Santelli: No Surprise on Jobs Report

Rick Santelli goes on quite a tear expressing his suspicion over the unemploymen...
02/15/12 05:10 am

Santelli Says Tea Party Not Over

CNBC's Rick Santelli, whose spontaneous rant a couple of years back is cred...
09/02/11 04:19 pm

Rick Santelli Rant on Debt Debate

The media coverage of the debt debate was a lot of bull crap, and Rick Santelli ...
08/09/11 04:26 am

Santelli Rants on Obama Lies

Rick Santelli responds to the pathetic excuse making and blame shifting of the O...
10/25/10 03:32 pm

Rick Santelli Surprises on MTP

Santelli was a surprising pundit on Meet the Press yesterday. The other talkers ...
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