sam donaldson

04/24/11 01:19 pm

Liberal Bigotry: Cokie Knows Who the Racists Are

Anyone who thinks that Barack Obama is Muslim is a racist. So say Cokie Roberts ...
02/02/11 05:09 am

O'Reilly Talks to Colmes the Way We'd All Love to

O'Reilly does a mild flip out on Alan Colmes for defending Sam Donaldson�...
01/30/11 04:04 pm

Al Jazeera's Role in Egypt Revolt Discussed on This Week

Al Jazeera Washington Bureau Chief Abderrahim Foukara talks about the network�...
01/25/11 08:54 am

Yes! Sam Donaldson is a Dope

Sam Donaldson wants to make sure you view him as a dope.
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