10/21/12 12:57 pm

Rubio Questions Obama Motive in Libya

Florida Senator Marco Rubio lays out the problem for Obama regarding Benghazi.
08/05/12 09:57 am

Ted Cruz: Meet the New Rubio

Ted Cruz, soon to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the US Senate after winning t...
02/29/12 08:07 pm

Blunt Talk Makes Mitt Stumble

The Blunt Amendment would block the president from forcing religious institution...
02/11/12 05:09 pm

Rubio: Obama Can't Run on Record

It isn't particularly difficult to make the case that Barack Obama does not...
09/14/11 12:51 pm

Why Nevada Endorsement Important for Perry

Chuck Todd says the endorsement of Rick Perry by rising GOP star Rick Sandoval, ...
08/24/11 04:55 pm

Marco Rubio Will Be VP

What does the future hold for freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio? Jim&nbsp...
08/24/11 05:23 am

Nancy Reagan Falling for Rubio

Marco Rubio spoke at the Reagan Library Tuesday evening. As he led Nancy Reagan ...
07/31/11 03:53 am

Marco Rubio Debates Kerry

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio, a Tea Party star, debates John Kerry on t...
09/28/10 04:39 am

Tea Talk

Marco Rubio is one Tea Party candidate who appears to be cruising to victory in ...
10/31/09 08:21 pm

Dede Done

Remember a few months ago when the main stream media declared the GOP to be dead...
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