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04/19/11 08:14 pm

Ron Paul's Easy Budget Cuts

Ron Paul says if we want to cut budgets, cut the wars. My approach... is quite d...
03/29/11 06:22 am

Paul For President: Rand or Ron?

Ron Paul has been in congress for decades and has run for president many times. ...
02/15/11 04:31 am

Ron Paul Says Obama a Warmonger

Ron Paul fires back at Donald Trump for saying that Paul can't win a presid...
02/12/11 04:54 am

Ron Paul Excites the Crowd at CPAC

Ron Paul always finds his base at the annual CPAC event. Paul’s suppor...
11/24/10 04:21 am

The Government Grope - Ron Paul's Moment

He's built a big following over the past few years. Staying true to any phi...
11/19/10 02:21 am

Should TSA agents be arrested for molestation?

More from Ron Paul on TSA screenings.
11/18/10 01:02 pm

Ron Paul Loves the Opt-Out Day for TSA

Ron Paul, unlike legal analyst Peter Johnson from Fox News (below) thinks the sc...
11/09/10 07:08 am

Ron Paul Prays For Krugman's Ideas to Go Away

The New York Times writing, nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman drives th...
04/20/10 11:38 am

Sensitive Cruelty

These liberals are so ugly. The transparency with which they engage in the beha...
04/10/10 10:29 pm

They Really Like Him

Mitt's a winner. NEW ORLEANS -- Mitt Romney won the straw poll at the South...
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