08/02/12 07:29 pm

Harry Reid Channels Joe McCarthy

It used to be that liberals believed themselves to be the good government people...
08/01/12 02:26 am

Mitt's Nice New Biographical Ad

See, that wasn't so hard.
07/31/12 07:17 pm

Hayes: I Like the Spirit of Gorka

Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard likes the spunk shown by Mitt Romney's t...
07/30/12 07:32 pm

Rove: Romney Gains Electoral Strength

Karl Rove does one of his regular updates on the electoral college breakdown for...
07/21/12 05:22 am

Obama Money Advantage Negated

One effect of a bad economy is people feeling powerless. Mitt Romney would be po...
07/19/12 12:57 pm

Carl Bernstein: It's Wrong!!!

Carl Bernstein is overwhelmed that Mitt is planning on releasing just two years ...
07/16/12 12:17 pm

Dowd: No Record To Run On

Matthew Dowd worries that if neither candidate runs on an agenda, and the electi...
07/15/12 09:49 am

Gillespie: Obama Will Do Anything to Win

The Romney campaign's defense of the Bain accusations is now attacking a bi...
07/10/12 07:03 pm

Funny Obama Likes Open Books

The great fraud Obama will say anything, no matter how ludicrous, knowing most p...
07/09/12 09:25 am

Bill Kristol: Romney Should be Worried

Bill Kristol is one of the GOP establishment making noise of disappointment with...
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