01/04/12 07:14 pm

McCain Endorses the F@#%ing Phony

John McCain endorsed Mitt today, but he wasn't so happy with him when they ...
01/04/12 04:36 am

Santorum's Second Place a Victory

Rick Santorum gave a nice victory speech last night - a few hours before the fin...
01/04/12 02:44 am

Mitt Takes Iowa by 8 Votes

Mitt has won Iowa in a sqeaker, but the headline is his, as is the nomination.
01/04/12 02:19 am

2am: Romney by 14?

It's a tie - so far, as contradictory numbers are begin reported on the fin...
01/03/12 12:46 pm

Scarborough: Romney Campaign Like Wall Street

When it comes to Iowa, Joe Scarborough says the Romney campaign is just like the...
01/03/12 05:15 am

Prediction: Romney Win Leads to Blood

Joe Scarborough says a Romney win in Iowa and New Hampshire will create a conser...
11/23/11 06:46 am

Huntsman Slaps Mitt Over Listening to Generals

Jon Huntsman gives Mitt a nice slap for saying he would trust the generals on th...
11/09/11 08:46 pm

Mitt: I'm a Man of Steadiness and Constancy

In the CNBC debate, Mitt Romney was asked how voters could know that he has some...
11/04/11 01:56 am

Obama Odds? Fifty-Fifty

When the president is matched up against Perry and Romney, the Republicans win i...
10/31/11 02:04 am

White House: Mitt Has No Core

Asked about Herman Cain, Obama campaign manager and policy chief David Plouffe a...
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