05/04/12 08:20 am

Mitt Should Tell His Story, Not Obama's

When Mitt Romney attacks the president on everything he does, it makes him look ...
05/02/12 07:56 am

When Will Mitt Launch?

As the president parades around the country - and the world - doing reelection p...
04/29/12 07:13 pm

Hilary Rosen Gets Hate Speech Reward

Hilary Rosen is a high paid Democratic consultant who burst into the national co...
04/25/12 07:38 pm

Mitt Pitches Fair Fairness

Mitt tries to grab the fairness narrative away from the president, highlighting ...
04/10/12 04:00 pm

Santorum Quits, Endorsement Later

Rick Santorum quit the presidential race today, two weeks before the Pennsylvani...
04/09/12 03:42 pm

Herman Cain Wants Allen West

Herman Cain says Allen West is well-spoken. Is that racist?
04/05/12 04:31 am

Obama Was Marvelous Before he was Against It

The president's reelection strategy is quite simple - do anything to keep t...
04/04/12 06:51 pm

Scarborough: Pennsylvania Santorum's Waterloo

How brutal is the fight for power at the presidential level? Joe Scarborough lay...
04/04/12 05:08 am

Obama the UnMarvelous Hate Candidate

 President Obama, engaging in anti-White bigotry, mocks Mitt Romney for...
03/22/12 07:54 pm

Mitt's Bad Day Sends Etch a Sketch Soaring

The presidential campaign turned into a marketing campaign for Etch a Sketch in ...
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