10/03/12 05:15 pm

Obama's Promises Not Kept

No one can itemize the case against Barack Obama better than the president himse...
09/01/12 08:00 am

Luntz: What Drives Them

Lots of complaints about the superficiality of the presidential campaign. Here&#...
08/29/12 04:07 am

Ann Rocks Convention

Ann did what was required of her - putting a heart on the man who can't emo...
08/28/12 04:17 am

O'Reilly: Dems Offer Extremes

Bill O'Reilly presents the Dems as the party of extremes.
07/11/12 12:19 pm

Steele: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Michael Steele, fomer head of the GOP, describes the tactics being used by the c...
04/17/12 03:09 pm

GOP: Excuses Don't Pay the Mortgage

A delightful new RNC ad hits Obama for making excuses. I will be held accountabl...
03/30/12 01:51 pm

ObamaCare: It's a Tough Sell

Republicans are hoping to make the point that the reason the Solicitor General i...
04/05/11 07:23 am

Republicans With A New Anti-Obama Ad

This one's cookin'!
04/02/11 05:14 pm

Obama: Four More Years

The case for the president's reelection is falling into place automatically...
12/14/10 06:51 am

Will GOP Kill Off Man of Steele?

One thing you can say about Michael Steele. He's no quitter. Republican Na...
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