rick perry

10/01/11 07:37 am

Perry Speaks with Power

New Rick Perry ad is powerful.
09/29/11 04:55 pm

Rick Perry: My Golf is Guns

If Rick Perry gets elected president, it will be fun to see him shooting on Mart...
09/29/11 02:00 am

Cain: Black Voters Brainwashed

Fringe candidates have one big advantage over candidates who have a shot - they ...
09/28/11 01:54 pm

Rick Perry's Wife: He'll do Better Next Time

Rick Perry's wife Anita says his next debate performance will be much stron...
09/27/11 08:40 am

Weekly Wack News recap (Sept 20-Sept. 27)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
09/26/11 06:33 am

Herman Cain Rocks Conservative Event

Herman Cain won a conservative straw poll in Florida over the weekend, taking 37...
09/24/11 08:11 am

Rick Perry: Fred Thompson After All?

Charles Krauthammer applies the Buckley Rule to the presidential field. It'...
09/23/11 04:25 am

Perry Doubles Down on Dream Act

Perry doesn't try to weasel out of his support for the Dream Act.
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