rick perry

10/31/11 08:06 pm

Was Perry Drunk?

Rick Perry was so goofy in a Friday night speech in New Hampshire that some were...
10/26/11 02:24 am

Perry v Romney: Contempt on Display

O'Reilly had Rick Perry on Tuesday night, and he pressed Perry on the tensi...
10/25/11 07:23 am

George Will Gets Mean

George Will says Mitt's problem is he's too reminiscent of Mike Dukaki...
10/21/11 10:54 am

Tea Baggers Are Hooked On Koch/Cain!

Photo credited to AddictingInfo.org It looks like the Koch Brothers have found...
10/19/11 10:21 am

Republicans Eat Their Young At Nevada Debate

There were a lot of casualties at last night's Republican Presidential Deb...
10/18/11 09:02 pm

Perry, Mitt Trade Blows on Immigration

Here's an intense, heavyweight exchange, as Rick Perry tries to hurt Mitt R...
10/14/11 04:34 pm

Perry Talks Energy

One of the most obvious ways to revitalize the economy would be an energy policy...
10/11/11 10:30 am

Weekly Wacky News Recap (Oct. 6 - Oct. 11, 2011)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
10/03/11 07:54 am

Rick Perry Joins The Ranks Of The American History-Challenged GOP

Three Blind Mice
10/01/11 08:25 am

Perry Gets Foxy Endorsement

Mitt Romney's got a cool new ad out that shows former Mexican President Vin...
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