rick perry

12/11/11 07:46 am

Mitt Makes $10,000 Mistake

Mitt makes a rich man's mistake and offers Rick Perry a $10,000 bet over wh...
12/09/11 09:41 pm

Perry Mocked: It's the Jacket From Brokeback Mountain

Rick Perry's "religion ad" has created tons of buzz, and ...
12/08/11 08:55 am

Perry Talk Religion in New Ad

Rick Perry does an ad designed to warm the hearts of Iowa voters. How's it ...
11/17/11 08:37 am

Perry Strong in Nashua Appearance

Rick Perry handled himself just fine doing a town hall at the VFW in Nashua Wedn...
11/17/11 08:19 am

Perry Attacks the Prez

Rick Perry's new ad... "That's pathetic."
11/16/11 07:14 pm

Rick Perry Says Guvuhnuh

Rick Perry mocks the Boston accent of a voter as he takes his first question dur...
11/14/11 04:42 am

Can Laughs Save Rick Perry?

Rick Perry was struggling in the polls even before last week's debate disas...
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