06/07/12 03:44 pm

Scarborough: Kerry Has Nice Houses Too

Joe Scarborough wonders if the New York Times ever did a hit piece on the incred...
02/02/12 09:41 am

Jon Stewart: Nets Are Bad

Jon Stewart's response to Mitt's very poor statement. Not his best wor...
01/24/12 04:58 pm

Mitt too Rich for George

How does ABC News feel about Mitt Romney's success in business? Just how ri...
10/06/11 07:55 am

Time to Get Excited About Herman Cain

Herman Cain says what everyone's thinking. I don't have facts to back ...
08/31/11 02:21 pm

Pelosi: Rich Are Chasing Immortality

Filthy rich Nancy Pelosi psychoanalyzes the rich and finds the answer to why the...
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