Reverend Wright

12/20/11 07:10 am

The God of Hell Fire

Tom was talking about the 60's song "Fire" this morning, ...
04/27/11 04:42 am

O'Reilly Discusses the New Reverend Wright

O'Reilly debates the president's new bomb throwing, race divide stompi...
02/24/11 04:41 pm

More Love & Compassion From the Left

Whether it's Reverend Wright or union intimidation, the left is closely ali...
07/18/09 12:58 pm

Pandering Act

Two years ago, speaking to the annunal NAACP convention, Barack Obama was only h...
07/09/09 10:28 pm

Democrats Religion

Democrats aren't against religion.
05/30/09 09:26 am

Empathetic Hate Speech

It's Obama's bed. He made it. He's the one who wants emotion to b...
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