06/12/12 12:33 pm

Cornyn to Holder: Time to Go

Republicans continued to rip into Eric Holder today in the senate. Lawmakers...
06/16/11 02:53 pm

Weiner Quits, Gets Harassed

Anthony Weiner held a 2pm press conference to announce that he is quitting congr...
06/09/11 02:15 pm

Weiner Not Resigned to Resignation

Anthony Weiner demonstrated last week that stonewalling is a strategy he favors,...
07/05/09 01:35 pm

Palin Perplexer

Sarah Palin's decision to quit with 18 months left in her first term as Gov...
07/03/09 08:15 pm

Sarah's Shocker

Sarah Palin continues to surprise. Gov. Sarah Palin announced today that she wil...
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