04/18/12 12:15 pm

Mitt(wit) Romney Hides His Tax Return Again!

Mitt Romney is continuing his flip-flopping ways.
04/06/12 04:21 am

Dean Demonstrates Dems Politics of Divide

What's the Dems formula for beating Mitt? Attack, lie, and corral their fav...
03/30/12 01:51 pm

ObamaCare: It's a Tough Sell

Republicans are hoping to make the point that the reason the Solicitor General i...
12/05/10 06:32 am

Democrats Love and Compassion Too Much For DC to Hold

Democrats, always modeling compassion and empathy, are doing their best to melt ...
11/05/10 09:24 am

Grayson Says the GOP Has No Idea About Nothin'

Alan Grayson, the just evicted bomb throwing leftist congressman from Florida, e...
10/21/10 08:29 am

DeMint Says GOP Must Change

Jim DeMint echoes Sarah Palin from last week, warning the GOP that they'd b...
09/22/10 01:11 pm

Not Again

Is it easy to change government - to make it smaller? Christ Christie, the New J...
03/23/10 10:12 am

Standard Class

I find the image of Republicans presented by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner tr...
07/19/09 09:19 am

Ruby Red

06/14/09 09:39 am

Wearing Liberalism

Socializing is tough when you're a conservative living in a liberal world. ...
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